Outlast 2 Trainer

Game Process Name: outlast2.exe

Download Trainer: Outlast 2 Trainer

HotKeys Cheats

[F1] – Infinite Health
[F2] – Infinite Stamina
[F3] – Freeze Enemies
[F4] – Super Speed
[F5] – Infinite Batteries
[F6] – Infinite Bandages
[F7] – Infinite Battery Charges
[F8] – Infinite Credit

[Home] -Disable All


Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Trainer

Game Process Name: SniperGhostWarrior 3.exe

Download Trainer: Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Trainer

HotKeys Cheats

[F1] – Infinite Health
[F2] – Infinite Stamina
[F3] – Infinite Energy
[F4] – Infinite Ammo/Gadget
[F5] – Infinite Hacking Time
[F6] – Mega Experience
[F7] – Infinite Praxis
[F8] – Infinite Credit

[End] + C – Toggle Crouchmode

[Home] -Disable All


Mass Effect Andromeda Cheats

Game Process Name: masseffectandromeda.exe
Trained by: iNvIcTUs oRCuS
Release: STEAM
Tested on: Win 10 x64

Download Trainer: Mass Effect – Andromeda Trainer

HotKeys Cheats

[Num 0] – Unlimited Health
[Num 1] – Unlimited Ammo
[Num 2] – No Reload
[Num 3] – Full Inventory
[Num 4] – Get 10 Skillpoints

[Num 3] – Full Inventory
Activate this option and open your inventory to see the effect…
Then you have to deactivate the option otherwise the game will crash at some point…
You need at least 1 unit of an item…

Num 4 – Get 10 Skillpoints
Activate this option and go to the next campfireto see the effect…

Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey Cheat Engine Table

Cielos released a cheat table for the game Atelier Firis with the following features. You can download the cheat table from fearlessrevolution site

– changed [highlighted equipped item] to [highlighted item], it works in any item viewing menu (Item Equip, Battle Equip, Basket, Alchemy, etc.)
– located some more pointers for [highlighted item], i.e. components 1 to 6, component total.
– added pointers to [highlighted equipped item], credits to Valatros and gvargas
– added chain link gauge mod
– added some [stats] and [in-battle] [pointers].
– updated time mod, stop time (hold alt) works on alchemy as well now. also, moved the pointers to [pointers] section.
– added undead and ignore MP
– rewrote time mod
— added one more functionality, holding alt key would stop the time even when you’re running around now.
— smoothen the clock movement when advance/rewind past a day.
— to make the sun position catch up with the clock, you no longer need to walk around for the normal game time to advance, instead the sun position would follow your time manipulation immediately now.
– as the updated script has 3 more aobscans, the original script is still present in case the new one can’t be enabled.


[battle related] scripts:
– HP still decrease when you get hit until it reaches the min HP threshold specified.
– min HP threshold can be changed by editing the entry.
– min HP threshold default: 1
– edit the script if you want to change the default min HP threshold, line 3.

ignore MP
– allows you to use any skills with ZERO MP.
– MP still decrease as usual when you use skills in battle.

chain link gauge mod
– when activated:

press ctrl_t : set and lock full
press shift_t : set full (without lock)
press shift_r : set empty (without lock)

[misc.] scripts:
time mod .6
– when activated:

hold alt : stop time
hold alt_numpad+ : advance time
hold alt_numpad- : rewind time

– when advance/rewind time, you can go to the next/previous day.
– rewind time would be stopped when you get to day 0 (1/1)
– have yet to test what happens when you advance past 12/30 (day 330), please report.
– if you want to edit the days, hrs, and mins manually, goto the pointer session.